Wedding FAQ’s

We want to answer some of the most common questions we are asked when we are giving our personalized wedding tours.  It’s not quite the same without having you there in the room while we are answering your questions but hopes this will help until we are able to start hosting tours again on 4/25.

Do you host weddings all year long?

Yes!  The Pond House and Elizabeth Park are beautiful all year long.

What is the room capacity?

We can accommodate up to 130 guests using our buffet package and up to 165 using the plated package.

Do you offer on-site ceremony’s?

Yes!  Our on-site ceremony location is on our terrace overlooking the pond.  It can hold up to 110 chairs, additional guests would be gathered around.  The park setting with a fountain in the pond creates the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.  The ceremony fee is $1200 on Saturday evenings and $700 all other times. This includes a half hour earlier start time for the ceremony, the set up and breakdown of the ceremony as well as a half hour rehearsal time 1-2 days prior to the wedding.

If there is inclement weather the ceremony would be held inside in front of our field stone fireplace.

What about on-site ceremony’s in late fall & winter?

Our field stone fireplace creates the perfect backdrop for your late fall and winter weddings.  We can set up 30 chairs in front of the fireplace for immediate family and any older guests with all other guests gathered around.  The ceremony fee for a fall/winter fireplace wedding is $350.  This includes a half hour earlier start time for the ceremony, the set up and breakdown of the ceremony as well as a half hour rehearsal time 1-2 days prior to the wedding.

Do you have a minimum number of people?

Our minimums are based on how much you have to spend on food and beverage, not a per person minimum.  These minimums change based on the month, day and time of day of the event.  Saturday nights during peak season being the highest.  Our off-peak season of January – March offer the lowest minimums.

Do you have a bridal suite?

We do not have a bridal suite on site.  Our couples get ready at home or the hotel and then come to us for the ceremony.

(Super Secret…SSHHH – We are in the process of creating a space for the wedding party to wait prior to the ceremony and are hoping to have it completed when we reopen in May!)

Is there a room/venue rental fee?

The room rental is included in the price per person, no additional room rental fee is added.

What do you require for a deposit?  Are the deposits refundable?

If you are interested in reserving a date we would draw up a contract for you.  You will then have 10 days to return the contract signed with your deposit.  Your initial deposit would be 1/3 of the food and beverage minimum.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Can you accommodate vegan/vegetarian/allergies?

Absolutely, our chefs are well versed in handling a variety of dietary needs.  You will have a chance to meet with the Executive Chef once you book to review any menu concerns or questions you may have.

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Snack Shack
The Snack Shack take out is open May – September.


The Pond House has always maintained a high-quality standard when it comes to health and safety measures in our restaurant.   With the current threat of Coronavirus we are taking additional precautionary measures to help deter the spread of the virus to our valued guests and employees.  The health and safety of our guests and employees is our top concern.  We will continue to review the most current information available from the CDC as well as follow state and local recommendations and base decisions and adjustments to our procedures accordingly.